A cosmetic brand that breaks with the stereotypes of beauty.

Somens is a brand of cosmetics that markets moisturizers and complementary treatments that are based on the skin type of each consumer according to their tolerance to the sun. It is the first brand that appeals to consumers around the world, but with the difference of offering personalized products according to their skin.

The challenge of the project was to internationally launch a brand, registered in the world of beauty. While the category imposes unreal canons of beauty, it distinguishes between genres, it only communicates taking into account one race, creates products for a great mass … Somens looks for the opposite, based on personalization. It focuses on the deep inside of people, their skin, looking at the origin of each one in order to personalize their products to perfection. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman, with western or mediterranean features, only your skin matters.

We redefine beauty as a set of characteristics that belong to each one of us. Celebrating the difference that lives in each skin, moving away from the canons of beauty and bringing us closer to reality.

To design the graphical identity we worked together with the design studio Huaman Studio.