The world of fashion from a generation point of view.

Laagam is a fashion startup built by and for Millennials. The basic characteristics of their garments are the quality and versatility of all their products, always with a touch of unique style. Under this premise, the challenge consisted in endowing with relevant meanings a proposal that looked at fashion from the point of view of a generation.

Studying the category we saw the radical opposition that Laagam offered to the current fashion industry. The industry’s proposal is committed to industrialization, fast fashion, seasons, the use of women as an object of desire, relationships with distant consumers and superficiality. Laagam builds its values by contradicting all those foundations, betting on craftsmanship, slow fashion, timeless clothing, the empowerment of women and a direct relationship with the consumer.

We build our own point of view on fashion. For Laagam, fashion is a way to express your personality. Always helping women to feel safe, free, original and independent. Thus, Laagam was defined as a fashion brand that made ethics part of aesthetics.

Throughout the strategic project, we have provided Laagam with deeper meanings on which to base its identity and continue to grow in the future.