The world of delivery from a new perspective.

Instamaki was born as a start up specialized in preparing and delivering Japanese food at home. Our challenge was to work on this new brand, giving it a differentiated identity from its competition, very varied and constantly increasing.

Analyzing the delivery universe we realized that it had always been worked from a functional point of view, as a service.  We wanted to approach the concept from a new point of view, speaking from experience and all the stories related to it.

With a new category perspective, we chose to build a brand that would reflect that new philosophy. Instamaki and other gastronomic options that would be created would always be under the same umbrella concept.

Esa marca se llamaría Eat In, y defendería el dogma ‘Eating in is the new Eating OuThat brand would be called Eat In, and would defend the dogma ‘Eating in is the new Eating Out’. A brand positioned as a new gastronomic proposal built to be enjoyed in your favorite place: your home. Highlighting the set of pleasant experiences related to eating at home wearing pajamas, watching a movie under the blanket or being able to do everything you want at all times.