An innovation project that revolutionized its category.

The world of boilers is boring and functional, with little presence in our daily life and a very technical and rational presentation. Baxi is the leading brand in boilers in the UK. In 2005, it acquired Roca, a national brand of the same category.

We had a great challenge ahead. Build a brand with emotional values, which generated conversation around our category to humanize and modernize the product. Our main objective was to associate Baxi with the temperature of heart and home, much more emotional and memorable.

We created an innovative space within the brand called BaxiProject. The idea was to reflect on what the thermostats of the future would be like. For more than six months we worked with the Baxi R & D team and a team from La Salle University Barcelona. Following the growing trend towards personalization, we came up with the definitive idea.

BaxiProject involved the creation of a revolutionary clothing line capable of communicating with the home’s temperature system. We managed to create a collection of technological design garments that would connect users with their homes.

Throughout the project we worked together with the agency Yslandia.