Eight wineries, eight brand identities.

Grupo Faustino is one of the largest winemaking groups in our country. Among the wineries managed by the group, we find some very recognized and international, such as Faustino. Others focused on more wine-loving profiles, such as Campillo or Portia. Or smaller wineries that so far had no defined focus.

Based on this wide variety of brands, the objective was to work on each brand so that all of them could build meanings at different levels, diversifying and increasing the scope of the group as a whole.

We conducted a comprehensive study from many perspectives. We extensively analyzed the national and international competition, social trends and profiles of targets with their specific characteristics. We enroled each brand within a communication territory not explored by any competitor, relating it to a defined target and betting on a specific trend. Based on each territory, we got down to a positioning and a differentiated and relevant brand personality in the current context.

The creative team designed brand identities for each winery, evolving the existing look and feel of each of them towards the defined concepts. A marketing plan established the lines of action to bring each proposal closer to each target.