The vast majority of us has spent much of his/her career working in large communication multinationals, until one day we thought a new agency model was possible

Brands with principles

En Jazz nos hemos dado cuenta de que las mejores marcas cumplen una serie de principios que las ayudan a crecer. Principios como creer que la base de una buena comunicación es la estrategia. Que las mejores marcas defienden un punto de vista concreto del mundo, que aportan significado, que forman parte de la cultura que nos rodea. Que la creatividad basada en objetivos nos asegura un mejor retorno de la inversión


Brands are part of culture, not categories. Brands must have a worldview and a mission. The big brands are those that affect and draw on the cultures having a social impact.

Collaborative environments

Brands are not only built by the agencies, they are built by the multidisciplinary creative teams: designers, writers, chefs, architects, data experts, photographers ... different talents working under the same strategy, pursuing the same objectives. In the same way that Jazz has interspersed improvisations on a same rhythmic structure. Our teams are made up of very different people contributing talent from each discipline


Brands have to surprise us, do new things, take advantage of technology to keep evolving. In JAZZ we do not think of ads, we think of ideas, of generating news, of providing solutions. Brands have to do things, not just tell them.

Browsing trends

Brands live in cultural ecosystems. They draw on trends, perceptions and habits of people. We are interested in urban tribes, social changes, fashions and trends. In JAZZ our raw material is the quantitative and qualitative insights on which we base our work.


Brands are no advertisements, they are content. Working with a brand today means being able to tell a story through different channels, creating a brand world in which the consumer is not a mere spectator but can participate and be a part of it.


The time has come for marketing professionals to prioritize data on intuition in our decision making. Technology has democratized the ability to collect data, sort them and generate knowledge to use them by activating them in communication campaigns. We are with you in the process of technology selection, data capture strategies, generation of insights, use of data for dynamic personalization of messages, measurement and analysis of results so that the decisions we make are never based just on intuition.


Our people is our culture

Nos gusta hacer cosas con gente innovadora, con ganas de hacer cosas nuevas y ver crecer nuestros proyectos. Nosotros aportamos nuestra experiencia en comunicación, ellos nos retan a desafiar lo convencional.

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